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Miraculus Herbs - Carum copticum

Miraculus Herbs - Carum copticum - Name in Hindi = Ajwain, Name in Telugu = Vaamu, Name inTamil = Omam, Commonly known as Ajowan or Ajwain(Also called Yavani, Yawani, Ajowani, Ajwai, Bishop’s weeds, Caraway, Carom seeds, and Thymol seeds). This Plant is mostly found in Indian subcontinent and the near east, Carum Copticum widely used as a kitchen spice in the Indian subcontinent.The plant carum copticum is similar to parsley. Because of their seed-like appearance, the fruit pods are sometimes called seeds. The carum copticum seeds are like an egg in shape and their color is grayish. The 'seed' (i.e., the fruit pod) is often confused with lovage seed; Many dictionaries mistakenly state that comes from the lovage plant. The carum copticum Contain – Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Sodium, Potassium and Oil 2-4%,
Carom Copticum a miraculous Herbal
Carom Copticum a miraculous Herba

Carum copticum for Women After Delivery 

Very useful to give after delivery to avoid gastric disorders in the uterus, unwanted weight gain, pain in waist, possible indigestion, infection in uterus and tetanus. It is also beneficial to increase and proper flow of milk in the breasts, stability of the baby’s stomach, and stomach pain of the lady. It sets uterus it’s proper place by bringing to its usual size and shape. Helps fast outflow of impure blood from the body.

Carum copticum in Chronic Warms in Stomach 

Take a ripe Indrayan(Citrullus colocynthis (Bitter apple), make a small cut on it and fill it with ajwain, fenugreek, zeera and black salt all in equal volume, close the cut and put it to dry in shadow. After drying make fine powder of it. Can be taken 1-5 grams depending the age. It will put your stomach in order and will kill all warms.

Carum copticum in Acidity 

Mix ajwain and zeera and put it on light heat for a few time, keep moving it with a spoon, then add a glass of water, boil till the water reduced to half, add some sugar , cool it and drink it, your acidity will go.

1. Ajwain Carum copticum strengthen the Heart. 

2. It increases the digestion power and increases hunger.

3. Can be used effectively in gas troubles. 

4. It increases the shrinking property of the intestine and minimizes constipation. 

5. Effective if given with lime water for the children eating sand. 

6. Effectively kills stomach worms in all ages. 

7. Very effective in bed wetting children. 


  1. Carrom copticom is Plant of Indian subcontinent and the near east, widely used as a spice in the subcontinent.The plant has a similarity to parsley. Because of their seed-like appearance It is found almost in every kitchen of India

  2. The carum-copticum is commn spice found in every Indian kitchen and it’s medicinal properties are beyond doubt.

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  5. This hermal seed is very useful and widely used in indian kitchens and ayurvedic medicines

  6. Yes, this Miraculus Herbs - Carum copticum is really miraculus, thanks for sharing

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