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Constipation, causes, Remedies Tips to recover

Constipation, causes, Remedies Tips to recover- Constipation is considered to be a common stomach disorder but in fact it is not that simple thing. Constipation causes many diseases and in fact constipation is the mother of a large number of diseases. In General people with irregular, infrequent and hard to pass stool and painful defecation are victims of this dreadful disease. This must not be ignored at all because it may cause a total failure of passing stool or severe gas trouble which is a fetal or life threatening condition requiring immediate medical attention. If no instant medical help is available it may claim life.
Constipation, causes, Remedies Tips to recover
Constipation, causes, Remedies Tips to recover

Causes of Constipation

1. Improper eating habits

2. Frequent Over eatings.

3. Mental Tension.

4. Sleeping disorder.

5. Fear of any kind.

6. Eating difficult to digest food.

7. Inadequate sleeping.

8. Worries of any kind.

9. Less intake of fruits vegetables and fiber foods.

10. Woefulness,

11. modern luxurious life.

12. Increase the Vat or Vayu(An Ayurvedic term)

Foods to consume to avoid Constipation

1. Papaya, guava and radish are very effective in constipation.

2. Citrus fruits, pears, watermelon, muskmelon, pineapple, raspberry, pear, peach and pomegranate are useful.

3. Capsicum, Legume, Onion, Bottle guards, Pumpkin, cabbage, fresh fenugreek(Leaves only), Carrots, Gherkin, are helpful.

4. Flour with bran is very helpful.
Don't Consume these foods to Avoid Constipation
1. Sapota, Banana, Grapes, Custard apple increase constipation.

2. Ladies finger, Jack fruit, Potato, sweet potato, brinjal, vat. Increasing.

3. Kidney beans, all type of grams, Urad pulse, stimulate constipation.

Consume Cereals to avoid Constipation

1. Never remove bran and try to add extra bran for better results.

2. Minimise rice in food.

3. Sprouted cereals in the morning(Empty stomach) gives good results.

Important Tips to avoid Constipation

1. 10 grams of trifla churn(Powder) with a glass of fresh water at bed time is very beneficial.

2. 10 grams of Sat Isabgol with a glass of warm milk, any fruit juice or fresh water at bed time is also beneficial.

3. Take some thyme(bishops weed) and roast it on low heat. Add black salt in equal quantity(Avoid salt in case of High plod pressure condition). Make a fine powder and take 3-4 grams after principal meals and see the miracle.

4. Take 5-7 standard size buds of garlic(Garlic Pearls) and chew(masticate) these empty stomach in the early morning. In addition to reducing your constipations, it will set right your blood pressure also.

5. Chang your life style.

6. Adequate exercise is necessary(Consult your doctor before starting exercise).

Note-This is based on my Knowledge, Study and experience. Please always consult your Doctor. I will in no case be responsible for any thing.


  1. Constipation – As per ayurveda, constipation is called to be the mother of hundreds of great disease therefore this disease must be taken seriously and to be treated immediately.

  2. ThanQ so much for useful clippings. Are you the daughter of Bajrangalalji?