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How Much do you know about Mars(Mangal)

How Much do you know about Mars(Mangal)-We often read about Mars(Mangal) Here are some facts about Mars - 

1. Mars(Mangal) is the largest planet of our solar system.

2. Mangal takes 24 Hours 37 Minutes to revolve on it’s axis, thus a dy on mangal is of 24 hours 37 minutes i.e. 37 minutes greater than a day on the earth. 

3. Mars has two moons named Phobos and Demos . Phobos is slightly larger than demos . 

4. Phobos orbit ps only 6 thousand kilometers above the surface of Mars .

5. Mars is 227940000 KM away from earth.

6. Mars is known as the red planet because the soil has turned to red as the result corrosion of iron mixed in it.

7. It is believed that a huge quantity of frozen water exists on both the poles of Mars.

8. Phobos gradually leaning towards mars at about 1.8 meters per 100 years.

9. Scientists estimate that that after 5 million years or so Mars will collide with Phobos, Phobos will be broken or will make a ring around Mars.

Mars-An Important member of the Lunar Family
Mars-An Important member of the Lunar Family
10. A rocket takes 10 monts to reach Mars.

11. Gravity of Phobos is 1/1000 Earth 's gravity on Phobos gravity . If a person weighing 68 kilograms on Earth, his weight will be only 68 grams on Phobos .

12. Mars takes 687 days to revolve around the sun thus a year of Mars is equal to about 23 mobts on earth.

13. Mars and Earth are closest to each other every two years , that time the distance between the both is only 56000000 kilometers .

14. Temperature on mars reaches equal to boiling oil.

15. The Project Mars will cost India Rs-450 Carores.

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  1. I was really not at all aware of any of those facts about Mars.