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Windows 7-Essential Tips-Short-Cuts 01 to 10

Windows 7-Essential Tips-Short-Cuts 01 to 10-Windows 7 is much  improved and a very easy to use Operating System. You can very easily customize following simple procedure or using short cuts.  A large number of such short cuts is available 10 such essential Tips are given below -

1. Recover screen(Desk Top) space

The new Windows 7 provides an efficient taskbar quick launch toolbar capable of holding a number of program shortcuts you like. The procedure is very simple just right-click any programme and select Pin To Taskbar And that's done. To remove a short cut from the task bar, right click on the short cut unpin this program from task bar. You can Shrink it to a more convenient size by right-clicking the Start> Properties > Taskbar > Use small icons > OK.
Windows 7-Essential Tips-Short-Cuts 01 to 10
Windows 7-Essential Tips-Short-Cuts 01 to 10

2. Switch to a projector or Another Monitor
Windows 7 now provides a very easy procedure to divert your display to your desired device. It may be one monitor to another or a projector. To switch over,  just press Windows Key+P or run Display Switch.exe and choose your preferred display device. It will work only when you have connected multiple devices but will have no effect if only a single display device is connected to your system.

3. High Power Calculator with advance features

The appearance of the Windows 7 calculator is similar to that of Windows Vista's version, but in real the calculator of Windows 7 is equipped with powerful new Statistics and Programmer features. For this purpose use the Options menu. This offers many unit conversions like length, weight, volume and more, date calculations (For example how many days are there between two specified dates. It also helps you to calculate vehicle mileage, mortgage rates etc. 

4. AppLocker a new Windows 7 feature to Take control of your System

AppLocker a new feature provided in windows 7 ensures only users him self can run the programs he specify and it is very easy to set up. Just Launch GPEDIT.MSC, go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Application Control Policies > AppLocker.

5. Very Easily set screen resolution

Choosing a new screen resolution is very easy in Windows 7. Just right-click any where on an empty part of your desktop, select Screen Resolution and select your desired screen resolution from the drop down menu and click OK.

6. A very beautiful Desktop slideshow

Windows 7 has a large number of very attractive new wallpapers, and it's not very easy job to decide which one is the best. So it will be better to choose a few of them, and let Windows display them all one by one as a desktop slideshow. Right-click an empty part of your Windows 7 desktop, select Personalize > Desktop Background, then holding down Ctrl you click on the images you like to add in the slide show. Choose after how much time you'd like the images to be changed automatically. It may vary from daily to once every 10 seconds, You can select Shuffle if you'd like the backgrounds to appear in a random order, then click Save Changes and enjoy the show.

7. Troubleshoot problems(Specially Designed Troubleshooting Packs)

Windows 7 has a specially designed troubleshooting packs. If you notice during work that a certain part of Windows 7 is behaving abnormally, and you can not find it’s reason, then  open Control Panel > Find and fix problems (or 'Troubleshooting') These are simple wizards that will resolve common problems, check your settings, clean up your system and more.

8.Very Easy Create Startup Disk(System Repair Disc or Boot Disk)

You can and you must create a create a system repair disc(let Windows 7 build a bootable emergency disc) straight away. You may need it in case you face a system boot problem. It is very easy, First of all insert a blank CD in your DVD RW Drive, Click Start >All programs>Maintenance > Create a System Repair Disc, and let Windows 7 build a bootable emergency disc. If you face a system boot problem the disk will be very useful.

9. Activate Windows XP mode

If some of your old but important software do not run on Windows 7, you can try XP Mode, a virtual copy of XP that runs in a window on your Windows 7 desktop. It works in Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate versions only and needs hardware virtualization (AMD-V or Intel VT) built in and turned on you can check your Bios to make sure.

10. Auto arrange your desktop(Press and hold F5)

If your Windows 7 desktop has icons scattered here and there, you can arrange by right-clicking  on desk top and select View > Auto arrange, or right-click  on desk top>sort by>click your option.  just as in Vista. But a simplest solution is just to press and hold down F5, and Windows will automatically arrange all your desktop icons for you.


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