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Windows 7- Very Important, Useful 60 Short cuts

Windows 7- Very Important, Useful 60 Short cuts-Shortcuts are very useful while working on a computers. Short cuts save Time and enhance our work speed onsiderably. We can apply a number of short cut in the time consumed for holding the mouse and clicking an icon therefore using the short cuts is very fruitful. A list of important shortcuts commonly used is given below -

Windows Key+Down Arrow             :Restore down an Open Window
Windows Key+Up Arrow                  :Maximize a Restored down Window
Windows Key+Right Arrow              :Set an Open Window to Half Right of Desk Top.
Windows Key+Left Arrow                :Set an Open Window to Half left of Desk Top.
Windows 7- Very Important, Useful 60 Short cuts
Windows 7- Very Important, Useful 60 Short cuts
Note – (1) Maximized means The window on full screen (2) Restored means a variable window size (3)Minimized means the window minimized to taskbar.

Win+x                                                 :Open Windows Mobility Center
Win+Shift+Down Arrow                   :Minimize the window to Task Bar if already minimized.
Win+Shift+Up Arrow                        :Maximize the minimized window up and down only.
Win+Right Arrow                               :Set an Restored Window to Half Right of Desk Top
Win+Left Arrow                                 :Set an Restored Window to Half Right of Desk Top
Alt+Shift                                             :Keyboard language layout Change(Multiple language
 layouts must be active)
Alt+Space                                           :Opens the title bar menu
Alt+Space+Enter                                :Restore an open Window
Alt+Space+x                                       :Maximize a restored Window
Alt+Space+n                                       :Minimize an open Window to Task Bar
Win+p                                                 :Change Presentation Display Mode
F-11                                                     :Set full Page on or off
Alt+tab                                                :Switch to another Application
alt+Shift+Tab                                   :Go through all your Applications open in taskbar.   Keep holding the alt key and continuously press tab to move forward between the applications. To switch to application selected release keys.
CTRL+Esc                                          :Activate Start Menu.
Alt+Esc or Alt+Shift+Esc                  :Go through applications on your taskbar in the order they were opened or accessed
Alt+ Up Arrow                                   :Go one folder up
Win+Tab                                             :Go through your Aero Flip 3D  open programs
Ctrl+e or ctrl+f                                    :Go to Search in Windows Explorer(My Computer)
Ctrl+Win+Tab                                     :Go through your Aero Flip 3D  open programs
Win+g                                                 :Go through the Gadgets
Win+d                                                 :Minimize all windows, Press again to restore.
Win+m                                                :Minimize all windows
Win+Shift+m                                      :Restore previously minimized windows
Win+Home                                         : Minimize all windows except active window
Win+Space                                          :View your Desktop
Win+e                                                 :Start Windows Explorer (My Computer)
Win+r                                                  :Open the Run command
Win+f                                                  :Open Windows Search.
F-3                                                       :Open Windows Search works on empty desktop only
Win+l                                                  :Lock the keyboard/ computer
Win+F1                                               :Open the Windows Help
Ctrl+n                                                  :Go to a new instance of Windows Explorer
F2                                                        :Change active file’s name
Home                                                  :Go to beginning of the line
CTRL+Home                                      :Go to beginning of the Document
End                                                     :Go to end of the line
CTRL+End                                         :Go to end of the Document
F-2+ ctrl+ Left Arrow                        :Move one word to the left
F-2+ ctrl+ Right Arrow                      :Move one word to the Right
CTRL+a                                              :Select All
Ctrl+c                                                  :Copy
Ctrl+x                                                  :Cut
Ctrl+v                                                  :Paste
Ctrl+z                                                  :Undo Last action
Ctrl+y                                                  :Redo Last action
Shift+Delete                                       :Delete permanently without into the Recycle Bin
Ctrl+Shift+n                                       :Create a new folder
Alt+Enter                                            :View Properties
Ctrl+Win+f                                         :Active Directory Search for Computers 
Alt+Page Up                                       :Left to right Move between programs
Alt+Page Down                                  :Right to left Move between programs
Alt+Home                                           :Open Start menu
Win+b                                                 :Open the first item in the system tray
Ctrl+Shift+Esc                                    :Opens thr Task Manager
Alt+Delete                                          :Display the system menu


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