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Fitbit- Your Private Moments May be Displayed on the WEB

Fitbit- Your Private Moments May be Displayed on the WEB-As the world go more and more hitech global the privacy of the people is also in danger. A number of complaints from people are there that private moments of people including there sexual activity are searchable on the web. There was an article on the web that a gentleman performed sex at so and so time and in this activity he spent so and so amount of calorie. All this happened due the wearable wireless enabled activity tracking gadgets “Fitbit”. As the article is available to be viewed worldwide, then think how much our privacy  is in danger. Isn’t a firm putting the privacy of it’s own customers in danger and the customers are also extremely careless. 
Fitbit- Your Private Moments May be Displayed on the WEB
Fitbit- Your Private Moments May be Displayed on the WEB

What is Fitbit activity tracker

Fitbit Inc. is a company making activity tracking gadgets with it’s headquarters at San Francisco, California, United States. Fitbit Inc. is Founded and managed by James Park and Eric Friedman, The company manufactures its products of it’s own name. It’s products are activity trackers, wearable devices which measure data like the number of steps one walked, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics. These devices are wireless-enabled and transmit data to their website. The first of such devices was the Fitbit Tracker. The average price of a Fitbit varies depending on the model. However, data cannot be downloaded off the Fitbit website unless one pays the premium membership yearly fees. Intraday data analysis cannot be downloaded at all. So far a number of Fitbit activity tracker are available in the market.

Fitbit Users need to be highly careful

Those who use the fitness and calorie tracker device Fitbit need to be highly careful and think a hundred times before creating their profile on the site of Fitbit. The personal moments including sexual activity of a number of the users of the company’s fitness and calorie tracker device Fitbit have been displayed in Google Search results Hence it is clear that these user profiles are public and searchable worldwide. See an example by clicking here.

Why Fitbit user profiles are searchable in Google?

If we think carefully on this point it is not the fault of Fitbit Inc. alone but the user is also equally defaulter. When a user creates his profile on fitbit’s website, the website gives him an option to select the privacy settings. If he ignores the setting and let it remain to it’s default privacy setting it will allow his profiles to be found in search results of Google, Bing or other search engines. While creating his profile he has to uncheck this option and If he doesn’t uncheck this setting, it will automatically make his profile public.

Thus the Fitbit Inc. is legally not defaulter and the users may be unknowingly sharing their most intimate details. but you must think 100 times before recording such activities on Fitbit and making your profile open to the public and perhaps Fitbit must also change its defaults privacy settings.

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