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Offer Wizard browser add-potentially unwanted Harmful adware application

Offer Wizard browser add-potentially unwanted Harmful adware application-The Offers Wizard is a browser extension and categorized as adware or a potentially unwanted harmful application. Though it claims to be a browser add-on to save time and money when shopping online but the reality is something different. It’s functionality may seem legitimate, in fact, this plug-in adds no real value and generates intrusive third party ads by Offers Wizard, including, sponsored links, coupons, deals, shopping comparison, content suggestions, banners, pop-up and pop-under dvertisements. All these are bogus and unreal. Clicking ads displayed by Offers Wizard may result in high-risk malware infections.
Offer Wizard browser add-potentially unwanted Harmful adware application
Offer Wizard browser add-potentially unwanted Harmful adware application

In addition to generating deceptive ads, this bogus browser plug-in tracks Internet browsing habits of the user by recording pages visited, movement from page-to-page, web requests, Internet Protocol addresses, browser information and application numbers, referring pages, cookies, geographical locations, date/times, and other information. This unwanted tracking can lead to serious privacy issues or identity theft. At time of research, this adware was found distributing deceptive free software 'download clients' to trick users into installing Offers Wizard without their consent. To avoid further damage, which can be caused by this adware, remove this potentially unwanted application from your Internet browsers immediately.

Similar to other adware like Shop Brain, Save Box, and Price Gong etc., Offers Wizard infiltrates browsers through freeware downloads. These browser extensions promise to improve Internet browsing, but in real they only diminish browser performance and cause intrusive ads.

What is a Download client.

Download clients are small programs, designed to manage the download process of the chosen free software with some times hidden and some times offer download of advertised browser plug-ins with the chosen freeware.

Precautions to avoid installation of Offers Wizard on your System

1.    Offers Wizard infiltrates browsers  through freeware downloads.
2. To avoid installation of these potentially unwanted applications, express caution when downloading and installing free software.
3.    Today, most freeware download websites employ deceptive 'download clients' to monetize their free services.
4.    To avoid adware infections, computer users should decline installation of promoted browser extensions.
5.    When installing downloaded free programs, choose the 'Advanced' or 'Custom' installation options(this will reveal installation of any bundled adware.)

How to remove Offers Wizard browser extension

Internet users who observe 'Ads by Offers Wizard' should use this removal guide to eliminate this potentially unwanted program from their Internet browser/s.
To uninstall Offer Wizard in Windows 7 click start>Control Panel and open the following screen

Now click on “ Uninstall a program” to open the list of all program installed on your system like one given below-

Deceptive Offers Wizard adware is installed with the name “Network System Driver” so In the uninstall programs window look for "Network System Driver", select this entry and click "Uninstall" or "Remove".

Ignore the fake warning message, stating your system will become unstable if you continue the uninstall procedure - this is a scam. "Network System Driver" application is responsible for generating "Ads by Offers Wizard" when browsing the Internet.

To uninstall Offer Wizard in Windows Xp click start>Control Panel and open the list of installed applications. Track “Network System Driver” and remove it.

If you have installed a third party uninstaller use it and click “Powerful Uninstall” and follow the instructions.


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