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How to recover a deleted Blogger Blog Post

How to recover a deleted Blogger Blog Post-We often delete many posts which we think are no longer useful but some times it happens that we delete some useful and important blog post accidentally and need to recover them. Though we think that it is a very difficult job but the reality is some thing different. Actually it is simple to recover a deleted blog post but it is not as easy as recovering an erroneously deleted file from your computer. There are many ways to recover a deleted blog posts as through hosting server. Here is the simple way to regain a deleted blog post with all its seniority -

Go to Google Search and paste/write the permalink or title or key words in the search box and find the deleted post.

Your deleted post will appear some thing like this –

Click the drop down box and then click cached
Now your deleted post will be displayed. Here you have two options-

1.     Copy the post from here and republish it.
     2.     Regain your original post using source code.

I think you will not like Option 1 because in this case you will loss all preferences linked to the old permalink and your post will be a fresh one with fresh permalink therefore the second option will be the better one.

Right Click any where in the post page area now a popup like this will appear –
Now click “Inspect Element”. Now the following code will be displayed at the bottom half of the page.

You have to find the following line in the code. To find Click CTRL+F, The search box will open at bottom left corner. Enter “post hentry” in the search box and press Enter. Now the desired line will be highlighted-

<article class="post hentry" id="5943634873374410687">

Here you see a string of figures(Highlighted in green). This is your post ID so copy it. Here you will need to know your blog ID also. How You can find your blog ID click here.

Now logon to your blogger dash board and paste this URL replacing the red by your blog ID and the green by the post ID in the browser search bar and publish;postID=8345307536594013894

The deleted post will be live.

Your deleted post must fulfill these conditions-You published your post more than a few days ago, Your site is public and not on draft blogger i.e. not in trial mode and you must be being  regularly crawled by Google i.e. there must be no crawl error message.



  1. So far I was of the opinion that a blog post once deleted is gone for ever but from this article I came to know that it can be recovered. It is a very useful article. Deleting the blog posts some times happens for some reason and then this guideline will help definitely.

  2. Honestly I was also not aware that a post which has been deleted can be retrieved back. Great :) Thanks Sampat Jee, for sharing such a nice information.