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Potentially unwanted program BoBrowser.com-causes, actions and Removal Tips

Potentially unwanted program BoBrowser.com-causes, actions and Removal Tip-The potentially harmful and unwanted program BoBrowser  is spread by bobrowser.com. The developers claim that the free program BoBrowser is developed to enhance your browsing and download speed and it includes a free Antivirus and Malware removal tool in addition. The reality is some thing different and the experts classify it as a potentially unwanted and harmful software. This unwanted program is so similar Google Chrome that at first instance some times some of the computer users may not notice that they are using Google Chrome or a different browser. Based on the Chromium engine the BoBrowser is developed by clara lab software. It has its logo very similar to Google Chrome but if you inspect it carefully, you can easily identify it.
Potentially unwanted program BoBrowser.com-causes, actions and Removal Tips
Potentially unwanted program BoBrowser.com-causes, actions and Removal Tips 

How BoBrowser comes to your PC

The harmful program BoBrowser mostly comes to your PC bundled with free to download software. If we install the software carefully, we can avoid but users make so haste that they don’t read the TOS and thus sometimes they install the malware legally.

What BoBrowser Does to your PC

·                     BoBrowser may get installed on your computer without your notice and permission.
·                     BoBrowser automatically starts, each time you start your PC.
·                     After being installed, BoBrowser automatically sets it self as your default browser.
·                     BoBrowser may install unchecked advertisements on your browsers.
·                     BoBrowser may expose you to unsafe pages.
·                     Excessive amount of ads will appear on your screen.
·                     The adware BoBrowser may connects to a remote adware server which may flood you with useless data.

How remove BoBrowser from your PC

Fortunately, ‘BoBrowser’ is not a difficult to remove program. There are two ways to remove BoBrowser from your PC, (1) Manually and (2) Automatically. If you want to remove it automatically, It is very easy. Just download a reliable Antivirus/Antimalware software and run a full system scan. Antivirus/Antimalware software will remove the culprit from your system. If you want to remove it manually, follow the steps given below –

How to Remove BoBrowser.com from Windows Windows XP

·             Click Start>Click Control Panel>Double click Add or remove programs>Locate BoBrowser and Remove it.

How to Remove BoBrowser.com from Windows 7 and Windows Vista

·         Click Start>Click Control Panel>Click Uninstall a program>Locate BoBrowser and Uninstall

How to Remove BoBrowser.com from Windows 8

·        Press Win key+R>Type  ‘Control panel’>Press OK>Uninstall a program>Locate BoBrowser and Uninstall.

Note –

(1)    If you get error messages while trying to uninstall BoBrowser, it means its uninstaller is not working or it has been disabled, then close your web browser and disable your internet connection first and try to uninstall BoBrowser again. Disconnecting your computer form the Internet during removal will help to block any online malicious attempt to interfere with your effort and help to uninstall BoBrowser and similar adware.
(2)   If you have a third party uninstaller please use it and if not, perform a thorough search for the files/folders named ‘BoBrowser’ and delete them all.

How to Reset Google Chrome

·                     Click on the ‘Menu button’.   
·                     Select ‘Settings’
·                     Find and click ‘Show advanced settings’   
·                     Scroll down and click ‘Reset browser settings’.
·                     Click ‘Reset’ and confirm

How to Reset Internet Explorer

·                     Click on the ‘Settings’(The gear icon) in the right top corner
·                     Click ‘Internet Options’
·                     Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.
·                     Find and click ‘Reset’
·                     Enable ‘Delete personal Settings’
·                     Click ‘Reset’
·                     Restart browser

How to Reset Mozilla Firefox

·                     Click on "Menu"    
·                     Select ‘Help’ in older version and the ‘?’ in the bottom line in the newer version.
·                     Click ‘Troubleshooting information’
·                     Click on ‘Reset Firefox’ in older version and ‘Refresh Firefox’ in the newer version.
·                     Click on ‘Reset Firefox’   
·                     Click on ‘Finish’ Firefox will restart

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